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Empowering Transport Safety: Jill McBeth's Expertise in ELD Compliance and NSC Standard Audits
Welcome to Raven Transportation Safety Consulting, your premier destination for navigating the intricate world of Electronic Logging Device (ELDs) and transportation compliance. Our mission is to bridge the gap between the complex world of regulatory requirements and the practical day-to-day operations of trucking companies. Raven understands the challenges faced by the industry and provides tailored solutions that ensure safety and compliance without compromising operational efficiency.

Mission Statement

Raven’s mission is to level the playing field for carriers facing regulatory investigations and National Safety Code (NSC) Standard 15 audits, by providing valuable resources, education and guidance. With 30 years of experience and a passion for transportation safety, we will empower carriers to operate in compliance and ensure their success. Education is the key to improving safety, and we are committed to sharing our knowledge to help carriers make informed and compliant decisions. We believe in creating a safer environment for trucking companies and their drivers, which in turn contributes to public safety on our roads. Our approach is grounded in real-world experiences, ensuring practical, applicable, and effective solutions.

Bridging the Compliance Gap

We have extensive experience in the transportation industry, including roles in compliance, program management and policy development. I have worked with two provincial governments and specialize in electronic logging device (ELD) systems and NSC audit compliance.
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Jill McBeth
ELD & Transportation Consulting
At the heart of our services is a foundation built on solid expertise and recognized qualifications. Jill McBeth is well-versed in the intricacies of transportation safety and compliance. Her education includes certifications in logistics, transportation, and distribution management, as well as completion of the Alberta Peace Officer Investigations Program. Additional experience as a Certified CVSA Inspector and Transportation of Dangerous Goods Inspector. These certifications and qualifications are a testament to my commitment to excellence in this field.


Distance between Red Deer, AB and client’s principal place of business
1-100 km
$ 100.00
101-200 km
$ 200.00
201-300 km
$ 300.00
301-400 km
$ 400.00
401-600 km
$ 600.00
601 km +
$ 800.00
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Compliance Review

Number # of NSC Vehicles
Registered (Including trailers)
$ 800.00
$ 1200.00
$ 1600.00
$ 2000.00
$ 2500.00
$ 3000.00
$ 3500.00
$ 4000.00

You Sound Expensive!

Definitely cheaper than penalties and fines. I believe in fair compensation for the service I provide, and I did not start Raven to rip anyone off. Over the years I have heard of carriers being charged exorbitant fees and getting terrible advice. I follow the fee scale suggested by Alberta Transportation for the TPA program. Below is a list of suggested prices to provide some guidance. Fees may be lower or higher depending on several variables such as:
Timeline under which the audit must be conducted;
Location of carrier, or carrier’s records
Carrier readiness

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Your journey towards a safer, more compliant transportation operation starts here. Contact Raven today to discuss how we can assist your company. Our tailored solutions in transportation safety and compliance are just a call or message away. Reach out now to secure your company's future in the industry.
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