Peace Officer Investigation Program Alberta Justice & Solicitor General Training Academy
University of Manitoba
Certificate in Logistics (C.Log)
Red River College
CITT - Canadian Institution of Traffic and Transportation
Transportation and Distribution Management
Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA)
Inspector Level 1 & 2 Commercial

About Jill McBeth

For comprehensive and customized solutions in transportation safety and compliance, contact Jill McBeth. Whether it's for a detailed compliance review, a tailored training session, or expert ELD guidance, Jill is ready to assist you with your specific needs. Don't hesitate, reach out today to ensure your company's compliance and safety are in expert hands.

Jill McBeth


Jill McBeth stands out in the transportation safety consulting industry with a rich background encompassing various critical roles. Her experience extends from government auditing, including collision and complex investigations, to regulatory enforcement. This diverse exposure allows Jill to offer a unique perspective and a depth of knowledge in transportation safety, especially in the realms of Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) and National Safety Code compliance.


Jill’s approach is hands-on and tailored, focusing on practical solutions rather than theoretical knowledge. Her methods include working closely with carriers to customize solutions that fit their specific ELD systems and operational needs. By emphasizing training for safety officers and direct consultations with trucking companies, Jill ensures that her strategies are not only compliant but also seamlessly integrated into daily operations.

Why Choose Jill McBeth?

Choosing Jill McBeth means opting for a consultant with a profound understanding of the transportation industry’s regulatory nuances, especially ELD and HOS (Hours of Service). Her commitment to efficiency, detailed attention, and transparent communication sets her apart. Jill is passionate about safeguarding drivers, companies, and their Safety Fitness Ratings, providing expert defense against complex compliance issues and government audits.
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