Author: Jill McBeth
Date: February 29, 2024

ELD Benefits

Benefits of the ELD mandate and The Federal Hours of Service (SOR/2005-313):

The Federal HOS was amended to mandate that drivers must use a certified Electronic Logging Device (ELD) to automatically record driving and working time instead of a paper logbook. The ELD section of the Federal Hours of Service (SOR/2005-313) (HOS) is 77 and the ELD mandate was fully enforced as of January 1, 2023. It is important to remember the HOS duty status limits (working time) and off duty time requirements did not change. 

A driver is never exempt from the HOS duty status time limits but, the driver may be exempt from using a ELD to record time. The driver, if operating under an exemption, must record duty status time using an alternative time record such as a paper log. ELDs have the ability to accommodate exempt and non-exempt drivers, Technical Standard 3.1.3 but, the driver must be trained to use the exempt driver functionality. 

What are the benefits of a ELD?

ELD benefits for the driver are:

  • Accountability – the carrier is responsible for continuously monitoring the drivers time using the information from the ELD.
  • Effortless scheduling for the driver, the ELD tracks how many hours remaining in a work-shift.
  • Time savings compared to completing paper logs.
  • No roadside penalties and out of service conditions for incomplete or missing RODS.
  • No form and manner errors (the ELD doesn’t make spelling mistakes or calculation errors).

ELD benefits for the carrier are:

  • Accountability – consistent supervision of the driver’s activities limiting the carrier’s liability in the event of a collision.
  • Improved customer relations with improved scheduling, no more changing appointments when the company didn’t know the driver was running late or early.
  • Time saving from ELD reporting functions – IFTA and IRP mileage is calculated automatically.
  • No lost time for drivers being placed out of service for missing, false or incomplete records.

ELD benefits for the public are:

  • Accountability – Compliance to driving and work-shift limits reduces fatigue related accidents. 
  • Integrity – Do we as Canadians want to live in a world that drivers are pushed to be behind the wheel 20 hours, or do we want drivers to make a living wage and operate safely? 
  • Cost Savings – enforcement measures for carriers who allow drivers to exceed the daily limits reduces overall insurance rates by properly assessing the on road risk. 

How much do ELDs cost?

It depends, each provider is different but, the costs a carrier should be aware of are: device cost, lease or buy, contract length, data charges, cloud storage and support. A ELD works exactly like a cellphone and just like cellphone contracts need to be reviewed carefully. All ELDs function the same the only difference is the user interface for the driver and carrier. Some ELD providers offer a Federal and Provincial application if you run 2 companies.  

Why are ELDs important?

ELDs are important because it’s the law, if a driver has a serious incident without a functioning ELD the consequences can be grave for the carrier and the driver. Penalties for ELDs roadside and administrative in audit can get expensive. ELD penalties contribute to negative points on a carrier profile. 

How do I know if an ELD is compliant?

Certified ELD devices can be found on the Transport Canada website. Only certified ELDs can be used in Canada. The header page of a RODS contains the ELD Authentication Value, ELD Identifier and ELD Certification ID that confirm the authenticity. Motor carriers need to do required software updates to ensure the ELD remains compliant. 

Who is exempt from using ELDs in Alberta? 

  • All carriers with a Provincial Safety Fitness Certificate (SFC).
  • Federal carriers operating under a permit (not weight and dimension).
  • Federal carriers to whom a exemption has been given.
  • Federal drivers operating within a 160km radius of the home terminal.
  • Trucks manufactured before 2000.

Does Raven have an ELD solution?

No, Raven teaches motor carriers and drivers how to use the ELD they currently have.  We help carriers set up new ELDs to ensure compliance at the start. Raven can help motor carriers set up effective ELD monitoring policies to ensure compliance and limit liability in the event ELD data is needed as evidence.